Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update (27 January 2021) – World

Data as received by WHO from national authorities, as of 24 January 2021, 10 am CET

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Global epidemiological situation

Globally, 4.1 million new cases were reported in the past week, a decline of 15% from the previous week and the second week of decline after global case incidence peaked in the first week of January 2021 (Figure 1). This downward trend is largely attributed to relative reductions in case incidence in several countries that have contributed the highest numbers in recent months, but hides continued upward trends in other countries in the same regions. The ongoing and prolonged high rates of new infections continues to strain health systems in many countries around the world. All regions reported a decline in new cases except the Western Pacific Region which reported a similar incidence to last week (Table 1). The largest decrease in new cases was reported in the European Region (by 20%) followed by the African Region (decrease of 16%). The Americas and Europe reported 86% of all new cases globally in the past week.

During the same period, around 96 000 deaths have been reported – a similar number reported as last week. The Americas and Eastern Mediterranean region reported an increase in new deaths by 4% and 3% respectively, whereas Europe, South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions showed a decrease in new deaths compared to last week. No change in new deaths was seen for the African region.

In the past week, the five countries reporting the highest number of new cases continue to be the United States of America (1 259 902 cases, a 20% decrease), Brazil (360 428 cases, a 5% decrease), the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (260 098 cases, a 24% decrease), the Russian Federation (151 191 cases, a 9% decrease) and France (138 288 cases, a 10% increase).

In this edition of the COVID-19 Weekly Epidemiological Update, special focus updates are provided on:

  • Solidarity II forum and use of international standards for sero-epidemiology surveys
  • SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern
  • Additional Region-specific information: African Region, Region of the Americas, Eastern Mediterranean Region, European Region, South-East Asia Region, and Western Pacific Region
  • Key Weekly Updates