Coronavirus: Following the Covid-19 Data We’ve Got So Far

Brooke Sample is an editor for Bloomberg Opinion. She has been a copy editor for Euromoney Institutional Investor, the Virginian-Pilot and Gannett New Jersey newspapers.

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The one constant of the Covid-19 pandemic has been its ability to surprise all of us — including the experts — at every turn. The more information we gather, the more we discover about the virus, and the more we realize we still have much to learn. Bloomberg Opinion writers have been taking deep dives into the data, providing insight into the information we’ve got on the disease (and how to fight it) so far.

The Coronavirus Isn’t Just the Flu, Bro — Justin Fox

Trump Is a Machine-Learning Algorithm Gone Wrong — Cathy O’Neil

Sewing a Covid-19 Mask? You Need This Chart — Ben Schott

Mass Antibody Tests Have Serious Limits — Ferdinando Giugliano

Disease Experts Are Better Than the Covid-19 Contrarians — Noah Smith

Pandemic Data Could Be Deadly for the Old — Cathy O’Neil

Doctors Need Better Ways to Share Covid-19 Data — Faye Flam

America Was Late to the N95 Mask Party — Ben Schott

Some Covid-19 Studies Are More Meaningful Than Others — Justin Fox and Noah Smith

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