COVID-19 news from across the United States

Some states in the U.S. are doubling down, while others are resisting stricter safety measures as COVID-19 cases rise in 47 states. 

ICU beds are 80% full in nearly a quarter of U.S. hospitals, according to a federal government memo obtained by NPR. It’s a mounting tragedy that could have been avoided, Michael George reported for “CBS This Morning: Saturday.”

A third of the population believes this pandemic is a hoax, “and they believe that it will end next Wednesday,” said Dr. Michael Osterholm. “And no public health messaging is having an impact on that population.”

In Wisconsin, Democratic Governor Tony Evers can’t get the Republican legislature to support safety.

“If we want to do this right and stop it in its tracks, people have to wear a freaking mask,” he said.

South Dakota is battling a positivity rate of 46%. California wants to avoid that, and has halted some plans to loosen restrictions.

“You see 20, 30% positivity rates now in other parts of the country, we’re at 3.0% over a 14-day period … but we are not taking our eye off the ball. We’ve got to box this disease in,” said Governor Gavin Newsom said.

Oregon, too, is considering clamping down, after the state saw record case numbers this week.

“Oregon’s cases are rising, just like the rest of the countries are, and frankly, cases around the globe.  The second wave that we’ve all been worried about is here,” said Governor Kate Brown.