The effect of COVID-19 and the Latinx community in Harrisonburg

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Earlier in the year, studies showed that members of the Latino community were being heavily affected by COVID-19.

Right now they make up 42 percent of reported COVID-19 cases in Virginia.

But in Harrisonburg, those of Latino ethnicity account for only 19 percent of the population.

Vice-Mayor Sal Romero said members of that community are more knowledgeable of safety precautions now, but some are essential workers and still have to work.

“A lot of our Latino/ Latinx community members are essential workers, so that hasn’t changed, their job hasn’t changed. So to that extent, they’ve still had to go to work on a regular basis because the needs don’t stop, the bills don’t slow down,” Romero said.

Also, some are afraid of getting sick and taking off work.

“What will happen is people will be maybe have been exposed to somebody, but they just won’t tell that to anyone because they can’t afford to be off of work for a day or two, much less a week or two weeks,” Romero said.

As for Harrisonburg as a whole, Romero wishes more people would take the necessary precautions to reduce case numbers.

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